Frequently Ask Questions





Q: What is GSRJ International Journal?


Ans:  GSRJ International Journal is a service that offers entry to scholastic articles to all its readers. The GSRJ International Journal gives an international exposure to author and editors thus promoting their research.




* All content freely available, once joined GSRJ International Journal.

* Registration is free online.



Genuineness is what we always look for. For a journal to be included it should exercise quality control on submitted research journals through an editor, editorial board and/or a peer-review system.


Q: What file format has to be uploaded while submitting research journals?

Ans: We accept .doc files only. When registered, we change its format to be search engine and user friendly. Also we provide PDF files in return to get them printed by the author as desired.



Q: Will GSRJ International Journal provide a print of my journal? Can I print myself? I am  having problems downloading my PDF file. Any suggestions?

Ans : No,GSRJ International Journal do not print journals but we publish them online journals to make them searchable and visible, however, once registered, we provide PDF file which is printable. PDF are larger files and take time to download due to traffic on internet or server’s speed and bandwidth. Please allow system some time to download PDF, or check if your browser supports PDF or not. Other than that, if problem still exists, please contact GSRJ International Journal.


Frequently Ask Questions
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